Planning a large outdoor project can be exciting and overwhelming.
Often the biggest question asked, “Where do I start? “.

The best place to start is with a definition of you project scope. Give your project a title, develop preliminary design plans, allocate a budget and determine the timeline and the resources that you will need to align to accomplish the project. For example is your goal to complete your project by fall? What types of contractors need to be involved (landscaper, flatwork/concrete, lawn care, gas lines/plumber, arborist, etc.).

You may choose to hire a professional project manager who can hire contractor resources on your behalf and manage your project to completion; you’ll need to determine what makes most sense for you. Regardless you should require project managers and contractors to be licensed and insured. Ask for references as well, this will help to ensure a quality outcome.

What are the consequences of not properly planning ahead and defining your project scope, resources, timeline and budget?

Cost increase: Poorly planned projects can result in excess expense due to: miscommunication of project details, lack of contractor expertise, improper materials and/or installation.

Delays: Project delays can disrupt and plague any operation, these delays can be caused by a number of issues. Shipping and supply issues associated with materials, which are often unavoidable and not the fault of the contractor(s), have the potential to derail a project from its completion date. Weather disruptions and natural disasters can also affect deadlines. You should be prepared and realistic about forecasting these types of delays during your project.

Project doesn’t meet your expectation: In making sure your expectations are met it is important to have signed agreement(s) in place that outline, in detail, your project before work begins. Specify clearly what is to be accomplished as well as project deadlines and cost.

Planning should begin before the project begins…

Andy’s Pipe Dream partners with trusted industry experts. Through thoughtful upfront planning and collaboration we deliver the high quality, professional, outdoor living projects that dreams are made of.

What is the value of companies that have established trusted relationships? What are the benefits of hiring professionals with exceptional collaborative skills?

Communication: Communication is the key, decide on a method of communication ahead of time! It can make or break your relationship with contractors. Follow some of these simple practices before starting the project; Meet weekly (even daily if possible) to discuss the progress of the project. This can be a great opportunity to express concerns you may have, or changes you wish to make. Be sure to collect the phone numbers of those supervising your project, this will ensure you have an easy contact method any time during the project.

Familiarity with One Another’s Installation Processes: Harmony between contractors is invaluable. At Andy’s Pipe Dream we partner with trusted contractors with whom we’ve previously collaborated. Trusting in a contractor’s abilities, knowledge, expertise and ethics is critical with every project.

Trusted & Respected Professional Expertise: You need to ensure the contractors you hire listen, and respond to the needs and suggestions of your project. We make it a priority to partner with contractors that strive for the same levels of satisfaction and quality as we do ourselves.

Feel free to fill out and submit the Outdoor Project Questionnaire to the right and Andy’s Pipe Dream will follow-up with you to get your project started off on the right foot!