Let’s talk a little bit about thermal expansion and closed systems.

If your home plumbing system has a water pressure reducing valve you’re going to need a thermal expansion tank.

So, what’s a closed system?

A closed system is simple, water can get into your water system but not out.

Why is that a problem?

Well water heaters cause thermal expansion. The hotter water gets, the more room it takes up. If there is nowhere for that water to go, it creates a problem with thermal expansion, raising the pressure in the house plumbing system.

The solution is a thermal expansion tank. We install one of these, it’s a steal tank with a rubber bladder inside, works similar to the coolant system in your car. Excess water flows into the tank causing the pressure to remain constant, protecting your water system.

Plumbing codes require you to address this safety problem. No matter what your thermal expansion problem may be, new construction or for retrofitting/remodeling an existing system give us a call today, or find us on line at andyspipedream.com