Hot Water Heaters

In the heat of the summer, we usually don’t think about hot water or how we get hot water for our showers or to run our dishwasher or launder our whites in warm or hot water.

hot-water-heaterhot water heater is a staple in most homes. You have to hunt for it to find the tall metal cylinder, and you usually find them in a closet or the basement. Most homes in the U.S still have the old stand by water heater but for those who prefer the latest and greatest, the tankless water heater offers hot water on demand.

The reliability of the water heater cannot be outdone. The heating mechanism of the water heater is quite simple and uses the principle of ‘heat rises’, to deliver the temperature of water you prefer right to the faucet you prefer when you want it. The simple look of the water heater from the outside hides the ingenious design of the water heater on the inside.

The hot water heater is controlled by the thermostat which is located under a cover plate to protect it. The temperature of the water heater is usually set at 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Most homeowners today prefer models that tend to save energy. By setting the thermostat on the water heater to a lower temperature you automatically save energy and money. This is important as the water heater is typically the third- largest energy expense in your home after the clothes dryer and the refrigerator.

Replacing Your Water Heater

Water heaters can last anywhere between 10-20 years. Replace your water heater at the first sign of rust or leaking. There are differing models of units available: gas, electric and tankless. Gas heaters can save you up to 50% in energy savings over an electric water heater and can last up to 25 years but loose efficiency long before they give out. Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity and can save as much as 30% on energy costs compared to the gas-heated models.

If you suspect your water heater is losing efficiency or if you see rust or leaking water, call the water heater experts at Andy’s Pipe Dream. We can come to your home to inspect your water heater and replace it if you need a new one.