Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for Replacing a Toilet Flapper

Have you ever been woken up by the sound of running water and realized it was your toilet filling itself? Do you feel like you have a phantom flusher? Most likely the problem is with your toilet flapper. The flapper is the rubber moveable seal at the bottom of the tank of your toilet. The flapper is lifted up when the toilet handle is pushed down to flush. Over time the flapper loses its seal and needs to be replaced.

Follow these easy steps to replace the toilet flapper:

Step one: Remove lid and Dye test
Remove the toilet lid and place it on a flat surface. Add a few drops of food coloring to a full tank of water and wait at least 45 minutes to see if the flapper is leaking. If the flapper is not leaking, the water in the toilet bowl will be clear. If the flapper is leaking, the water will be the color of the dye.

Step two: Turn off water
Turn off the water to the toilet, by shutting off the main valve or shutting off the water at the toilet (typically the toilet water valve is located under the tank on the left or right hand side). Flush the toilet to empty out remaining water from tank.

Step Three: Removing the flapper
The flapper attaches to two parts on the flush valve. Carefully remove the flapper from the valve by slightly turning each side, and detach the chain to remove old flapper.

Step Four: Add new Flapper
To add new flapper, carefully attach the flapper to the flush valve and reattach the chain. Leave at least ½ inch of slack on the chain to ensure the flapper will work properly.

Step Five: (You are almost done!) Dye test again
Turn the water back on to the toilet. To ensure the flapper works properly, flush the toilet a few times. Add a few drops of dye into the tank and wait at least 45 minutes. If the water is not colored, you have successfully replaced your flapper.

How to video for replacing the toilet flapper