When preparing for a bathroom remodel, it is very easy to call a plumber and ask for a quote. But what do you really need to know before you make that call

A reputable plumber will let you know up front that quotes cannot be done over the phone and there is information that is required before they can even give you a legitimate quote.

If you are designing the bathroom yourself, or if you have hired a general contractor or multiple contractors to do the job there are specific details a plumber will require. For instance, the thickness of the tile and grout combined will decide the length of the pipes extending from the shower wall. If the measurements are off, the fixtures could either not fit at all or protrude out further than anticipated. Or, if the dimensions are roughly given, a toilet may not sit properly and a new one will need to be purchased to fit the correct dimensions of the specified location. How about those nice chrome or stainless steel towel rods? Will they be in the way of a new shower going in or custom fixtures that have been ordered without the specifications of the towel racks? This is some of the required information a plumber will require to make sure the bathroom remodel is done correctly the first time.

Communication is key with a plumber. The more information they have the better. In this case there is no such thing as too much information. This is your remodel and they want to make sure this project ends up the way you want it to look.

Andy’s Pipe Dream understands that everyone is on some sort of a budget. When Andy receives the required information, he will be able to give you a ballpark figure and some possible suggestions for keeping the remodel in a required budget.

Tips from Andy:

Choose a general contractor that already has a relationship with an electrician, HVAC and yes a plumber. They will know what information is required before you make the call to the plumber. The more time you take preparing for your remodel, the less time you will need to wait for the job to be completed.

Required information:

  • Who is your general contractor
  • Do you have the final measurements or blueprints for your remodel
  • Contract contact information
  • Answers about the age and type of residence

If you have any questions regarding a bathroom remodel, suggestions on general contractors or you are ready with the needed information, give Andy a call: