Toilet Troubles? Don’t let it get the best of you…

Everyone, at some point, will experience the woes of troubleshooting a toilet.

The “toilet”, a seemingly simple household necessity, can be confusing and frustrating when it isn’t cooperating like it should. And it is often a daunting task to diagnose toilet troubles because toilets consist of various parts that can all be potentially contributing to the problem.

If you do isolate the issue you are then faced with finding a replacement part, and those vary as well depending on the age and manufacturer of the toilet. New technologies and materials over the last several decades have introduced such a huge variety of toilet parts that you can spend hours looking for the right part: Old Brass Ballcock or Newer Plastic Diaphragm Type Ballcock?, Float Ball with Lift and Guide Wires, Standard Flapper or Specialty Flapper? Gravity or Power Flush? Single Flush or do you need parts for a New Dual Flush type?

So just buy a new toilet and forget the hassle?

Perhaps that seems like the best answer, and it could be. Depending on the age of your toilet and the issues you are having, it is best to have a professional, like Andy’s Pipe Dream, take a look at your troublesome toilet before investing in an entirely new one and the cost and/or time it takes to install a new toilet.
Andy’s Pipe Dream can diagnose and fix many toilet issues:

If fixing your toilet isn’t the best option and a new one is in order, a reputable, professional plumber, like Andy’s Pipe Dream, can recommend the best toilet for your plumbing situation. Not all toilets are alike and there is plenty of misinformation in the toilet marketplace. Don’t rely on a consumer magazine or internet review to make your choice. A professional knows what works and what doesn’t based on real world experience. Selecting a toilet that performs best with the plumbing in your home will make a big difference in how happy you end up feeling about your purchase!