After you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, where do you start? You start with a plan. I can’t stress it enough.¬†PLANNING IS EVERYTHING…

This is the make or break time in your project. I highly recommend hiring a general contractor, but if you have an extensive background in construction management you might choose to take this responsibility on yourself. I understand that keeping costs down might be important, but if you skimp on the planning phase you will pay for it later in many ways. If you want, we can help you choose a good general contractor from the short list of pros we’ve worked with for years.

We’ve seen all kinds of jobs and we’ve worked all kinds of kitchen remodels and we know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we created the Ask A Plumber section of our website. It’s designed to help get you started and guide you in this critical phase of your project.

By filling out the form to the right you will be sending us the information we need to begin working with you. The data you provide will give us a clear picture of where you are at in the planning process and what assistance we can provide in getting you where you want to go. Do you have a completed plan and group of contractors you are already working with? Or are you just starting out and need some design ideas? Whether it’s staying on budget or completing your project in a timely manner you can’t always count on Andy’s Pipe Dream.

If you have any questions regarding a kitchen remodel, suggestions on general contractors or you are ready with the needed information, give Andy a call: