Today, I’m going to give you a pass. Go ahead and throw out the guilt. Because life is short. And sometimes, we deserve a little splurge once in awhile. Or in this case, a splash. So go for it. And really consider how much easier your life could be with an outdoor faucet.

Make Life Easier With an Outdoor Faucet

If you’re in your lawn a lot, you might already know of this little hassle called “the garden hose.” Sure, it’s wonderful when it comes to taking water from the house to your lawn; however, maneuvering it can be quite the ordeal. Kinks prohibit water from flowing. Mud can make reeling it back in a total mess. The back-and-forth trips from the house to end of the hose can really stack up. And let’s face it — when its 103 degrees outside, the last thing you want is to spend any more time outside messing with a hose.

Make Watering Your Plants Faster and Easier

An outdoor faucet can be installed near your landscaping and strategically placed so that it’s easily accessible and convenient. No more stretching to get the hose to the far corner of the yard or hooking two hoses together. Just hook up a short, easy-to-handle hose where you need, and you’re ready to go. A water supply right near your plants makes it easy to beat the heat and water your plants. Plus, it can be installed to fit in with your landscaping without becoming a total eye sore for your lawn.

In order for plants and lawns to survive, they need ample water — particularly in this heat. An outdoor faucet removes the hassle of dragging out the hose, walking back to turn on the water, walking back to water the plants, returning to turn off the water, and the reeling in back the hose — not to mention saving the water spent during those trips back and forth. With an outdoor faucet where you need it, you’re only a few steps away at any time.

And it’s not just watering your plants. Car aficionado dedicated to soaping up your vehicle? Need an easy way to wash off your gardening tools near where they’re stored? An outdoor faucet offers a great solution.

Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures from Andy’s Pipe Dream

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