How do natural enzyme drain cleaners work?

Natural enzymes are microscopic organisms that eat organic waste.  Organic waste consists of hair and skin cells in sinks and showers and other organic waste from toilets.  Natural enzymes reproduce quickly leaving behind a bi-product of bacteria that will continuously breakdown and eat organic matter.
Natural enzymes were initially used for septic tanks. When the enzymes were administered monthly through toilet plumbing, enzymes significantly helped reduce the amount of organic waste build up within the septic tank. This helped reduce the cost of having a septic tank service performed more frequently.
Helpful tip:
If a household has a septic tank, avoid:
• Pouring grease down garbage disposals
• Feminine products down toilets
• Harsh corrosive liquid chemicals down sinks.
• Anything that won’t breakdown naturally over time.
Enzymes are now available for all types of plumbing needs, and if properly maintained, enzymes will help keep the pipes free and clear of clog buildup when used on a regular basis.
Enzymes are not as effective to combat a clog as quickly as liquid chemicals are.  Where enzymes shine is on maintaining a clear drain, avoiding clogs all together. One essential benefit of natural enzymes is the extreme low risk of corroding the interior of the plumbing.
Although enzymes are all natural, proper care should be used when administering the monthly dose. Irritation, allergic reactions and other serious side effects can occur is misused. If you have any questions regarding the care of your plumbing using natural enzymes, give Andy’s Pipe Dream a call, we are here to help.

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