As one of the few appliances that function inside and outside the home, air conditioners can undertake a significant amount of wear and tear. This is especially true during the blistering summer months as it works harder than ever to keep your home cool. If the air conditioner is exhibiting any signs of dysfunction, it is more likely during this time of increased usage that these small problems can worsen into a more significant complication. If routine maintenance is ignored, an air conditioner could fail to function adequately or quit working altogether. When it comes to air conditioner maintenance, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

Why Getting Maintenance for My Air Conditioner is Important?

The benefits of getting regular maintenance for your air conditioning systems are numerous. Maintenance helps sustain your air conditioner’s overall productivity and keeps your home comfortable even in the most sweltering of summer months. Some of the other advantages of getting regular maintenance for your air conditioner are the following:

• Prevents Unanticipated Repair Costs – If you invest in regular maintenance, our HVAC technicians assess the function of the air conditioner and can discover potentially harmful abnormalities in your system. Many times, they can do preventative maintenance to ensure that a small problem doesn’t become a larger & more expensive repair down the line.

• Extends the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner – An air conditioner is an investment in your home’s future comfort. As with any investment, the best way to extend its longevity is to provide it with frequent upkeep and maintenance. When our HVAC technicians regularly check an air conditioner unit, they increase their ability to troubleshoot any potential problems before they can cause a massive system failure that could permanently disable a unit.

• Decreases Energy Costs – During the summer months, a home’s electric bill can skyrocket. This issue can be made worse by an air conditioner working inefficiently. Refrigerated air leaking through seams in the vents, clogged air filters and debris gumming up condensers are among the many possible conditions that cut down an air conditioner’s efficiency. This alone can significantly drive up your utility cost.

• Improved Air Quality – Breath quite literally is life. Air clogged with dirt, grime, dust, pet hair and dander, bacteria, fungal spores, and other allergens can dramatically influence your comfort in the home. For anyone who wishes to upgrade their home comfort system, Andy’s Pipe Dream provides our Home Comfort Solutions service. This service allows us to add high quality improvements such as ultraviolet air purifiers and humidifiers among many options that may suit your desired needs.

What Maintenance Plans do you have to offer for my Furnace/Air Conditioner?

As our motto states, We Treat Our Customers Like Family. Relationships with our clients are paramount to how we do business. We strive to provide them with the best service that they know they can trust. Therefore we firmly believe in providing maintenance for our clients’ HVAC systems. Many of our HVAC technicians repair calls on unexpected catastrophic mechanical failures could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

This is why we incentivize our clients to get regular maintenance with our Biannual Maintenance Plan. With this service plan, we come to your homes in the spring to perform a checkup on your AC unit and the fall to check out your furnace. This way, you can invest in your continued home comfort.