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Prevent Flooding with a Sump Pump

We’re all familiar with the torrential rainstorms we get here in the Midwest, and hopefully you’ve never had to deal with a flooded basement. If your basement is prone to flooding, though, a sump pump could be an excellent investment.

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Common Toilet Problems

Issues with your toilet can be very stressful. Before you panic, know that most common toilet problems are easy to fix and you do not need a professional plumber to come to fix it. No matter the toilet problem, remember to be careful and always have a professional in mind to call if things go awry. If the situation is something you do not think you can handle, you should call Andy’s Pipe Dream right away.

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Best Toilet Cleaners

Cleaning the toilet is probably the least desirable chore to do around the house. However undesirable it is, it is necessary to do. A great toilet bowl cleaner is an item that will help reduce the frustration.

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The Truth About Bidets

In movies and on television, bidets are often cast as the butt of the joke, so to speak. Foreign, hard to use, water spraying everywhere — we admit we’ve laughed, too. But the truth is, bidets are actually pretty awesome. Here’s why.

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